In the past, scaffolding was often exposed and unsightly, with monarflex or netting, maybe even perhaps some tarpaulin sheets used to offer a rudimentary form of protection. Thankfully, the world has moved on and the technology is now available to manufacture shrink wrapping, the ideal material for commercial construction sites. Let’s look at the main benefits of scaffolding wrap in more detail..

What is shrink wrapping?

shrink wrapped building

Industrial shrink wrapping is a type of polymer plastic film. When heat is applied, it shrinks to form a close seal over whatever it is covering so there is no need to use bungee cords to affix it to the scaffolding. When used to cover scaffolding on a building, it is extremely robust and does not flap at all, even in high winds and it will not tear or need to be replaced unless damaged during the building work. Investing in commercial shrink wrap is becoming increasingly popular due to the extensive range of benefits that it can provide.

What are the benefits of scaffolding wrap?

If you are debating whether or not to utilise shrink wrap on your construction project, it is important to consider all of the benefits of scaffolding wrap, before coming to your decision. Shrink film is widely used in scaffolding construction and provides good protection against weather influences from the outside. By wrapping your scaffolding with construction shrink wrap, you can continue to work in all weather conditions. The shrink wrap protects against rain and wind and if you choose to have a hood construction installed, your team can work whilst remaining dry. In the winter months, the shrink wrap will retain heat, making the temperature on the scaffolding pleasant. Because the industrial shrink wrapping offers your employees the opportunity to continue working, this will save you a lot of time and costs.

This is not where the benefits of scaffolding wrap end, it is also a strong material that is often used to package and protect objects. In addition to the protective effect, there are other reasons to choose this material:

Flexible – commercial shrink wrapping can accommodate any size, shape or form – and can quickly and perfectly mould to any shape.

Recyclable – most companies are keen to minimise their impact on the environment. The construction shrink wrap used by M R Scaffolding is completely recyclable and can be quickly dismantled at the end of the project.

Water repellent – during rainy weather, the working area of the scaffolding remains dry.

Fire-resistant – Boost the safety aspect of your projects, use shrink wrapping because it offers excellent fire-resistant and generally facilitates safer working conditions.

UV resistant – Industrial shrink wrapping helps to protect workers from the dangers of prolonged exposure to the sun in summer.

A construction site with shrink wrapping also has limited dust transfer to the surrounding areas so will enhance the professional reputation of the company. At M R Scaffolding, we feel that commercial shrink wrapping enables people to work in comfort and with minimal disruption to the surrounding area.

Increased security – Scaffolding wrap also offers a certain amount of protection against criminal intrusion – it is much more difficult to access materials and tools on the scaffold, and the building itself and its contents are hidden from public view. Any opportunist criminals passing by are likely to think a shrink-wrapped building is not worth the risk.

Better PR – rather than seeing an unsightly structure, shrink wrap scaffolding always makes a neater finish. Many contractors of large or public projects feel that scaffolding wrap creates a more professional image and generates positive publicity.

If you have ever wondered why shrink wrap for scaffolding buildings might be a good idea, it’s clear to see that there are many reasons. We hope that this blog thoroughly highlights all of the benefits of scaffolding shrink wrap and why you should consider it for your projects. Of course, it is also important to choose a reputable company, such as M R Scaffolding. For a professional job, choose M R Scaffolding, the ideal company to utilise for any of your commercial scaffolding needs.