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Here at MR Scaffolding, we offer an extensive range of services for our clients in the commercial sector, this includes scaffolding for historic buildings. We can provide specialised designs and deliver access scaffolding and hoarding on English Heritage and National Trust sites. Due to their extensive experience and knowledge, our scaffolders and supervisors are able to demonstrate the sensitivity required to ensure full access facilities while simultaneously ensuring protection around these delicate buildings while implementing scaffolding on listed buildings. We are fully aware that scaffolding for heritage building construction needs to be approached differently and with extra care and we ensure that we provide this each and every time.

For more information on heritage scaffolding on listed buildings, get in touch today! You can call us on 020 7252 8080, or visit our contact us page. We are always happy to offer advice and guidance. 

Why Choose Our Heritage Scaffolding Services?

Selecting the right heritage scaffolding company is key in guaranteeing that the building is not damaged in any way. When carrying out any kind of work on heritage sites, there is always a risk that they can be damaged in some way, this applies to erecting scaffolding on historic buildings too. We truly value historical buildings and therefore take the extra care that is needed when working on these sites. In order to manage this, when assembling and deconstructing scaffolding on listed buildings, we make sure we are fully aware of the most sensitive areas, as once damaged, it is impossible to replicate the buildings in the same way. It is important to not cut any corners with scaffolding for heritage building construction and to follow all safety procedures to ensure that no additional risks are created. We aim to ensure this level of safety on each and every project, not just for our heritage scaffolding projects.