The Principal Hotel - MR Scaffolding

The Principal Hotel

Project: The Principal Hotel – Russell Square

Client: S & T

Value: £3.2 million 

Description: External

  • A twin stacked cantilevered cabin gantry was always required for this project to keep the road below accessible.
  • Safelinx board retaining systems were installed to prevent trips and falls and to minimise warping of the boards (this is now common practice across all MR Scaffolding Services jobs).
  • Fire rates shrink wrap sheeting was installed to prevent falling debris and ensure a high level of aesthetics at all times.


  • The lightwell scaffolds strict requirements meant that no scaffold tubes could be grounded. Bespoke shear bracket plates were researched by MR Scaffolding Services due to band and plate ties not being feasible.
  • The lightwell scaffold incorporated two temporary roofs which were also shrink wrapped.