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The Forge Project

Project: The Forge

Description: Our client Thirdway Contractors got in touch with our team to provide them with scaffolding solutions so that they could carry out their project effectively and safely. 

The aim of this project was to refurbish the building both externally and internally. This required moving all of the building plant machinery to the roof area from the basement, painting external brickwork, carrying out various internal upgrades including the staircase in the atrium, and the installation of a new roof extension to provide another level. 

Why was Scaffolding Needed on this Project?

Our services were required to provide our client with access to all areas including the roof, in a safe way. We installed an internal birdcage in the atrium to allow new glass to be installed at roof level, we also provided scaffolding to aid with the installation of new lift shafts. Our services were again required for the installation of cantilever scaffolds to provide access above live public footpaths and roadways, without causing disruption to the general public. 

In order to carry out this project effectively, our team had to adhere to the schedule of the project, ensuring that the scaffolding was ready for the tradesmen to use on time. We also provided the client with completely bespoke designs due to the complexity of this project, this maximised safety and efficiency for the workers. A public protection tunnel was also installed to ensure that our work did not interfere with walkways. As well as scaffolding solutions, we provided goods and passenger hoists to allow both site personnel access and swift transportation of materials.

Challenges we Faced

As with most of the projects we undertake, there were a number of challenges to overcome throughout the course of this project. One of the biggest challenges on this project was the constantly changing timescales, we were able to overcome this throughout of hours working. The other main challenge was the installation of cantilever scaffolds over a live road and public footpaths. We overcame this challenge by utilising tether fixing to ensure that the scaffolds were safely fixed over the public areas.

The Result

Despite the logistical challenges we faced throughout this project, our expert team of commercial scaffolders were able to rise to the challenge and provide the client with high-quality results that made the project run extremely smoothly. 

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