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Russell Building Project

Project: Russell Building

Description: For this project, our client ITC Concepts required access solutions to enable them to carry out a range of different elements for their project. The Russell Building required replacing and repairs to all of its windows, external redecorations, internal stipping and fitting out and work needed to be carried out on the roof level air handling units as well as improvements to the ductwork for the building.

How Our Services Helped

Our client enlisted in our commercial scaffolding services as they required safe and secure access to the full perimeter of the building. In order to meet our client’s requirements, we installed Layher LW scaffolds. This project was one of the first scaffolds fully installed with Layher by MR Scaffolding. We chose to use Layher as it is an extremely versatile option offering lightweight design, unrivalled strength and enhanced load-bearing capacity. 

What were the Challenges?

The main challenge that we faced throughout the course of this project was the use of the new Layher system that only a few members of staff had previously worked with. Despite the fact that this aspect of the project was very new to most of our workforce, we overcame this challenge by providing staff with thorough training. We also implemented additional supervisions throughout the project to ensure that the correct methodology was being demonstrated.

The Result

Despite the challenges we faced due to the implementation of Layher scaffolding, we were delighted to have exceeded our client’s expectations through providing them with extremely practical and safe access solutions that allowed them to complete their project with ease. 

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