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Denim Horsham Scaffolding Project

Project: Project Denim – Horsham  Scaffolding

Client: Overbury


Our Denim Horsham scaffolding project involved erecting a fully boarded independent scaffold to allow access for replacement windows and painting works. 

The huge scale of the building meant that we had to install system staircases to each elevation. We were extremely proud of the end result of our scaffolding in Horsham and feel that this project showcases our vast scaffolding project capabilities. Not only do we get the job done to a high standard, the result is always neat and presentable and we will always ensure that the safety of clients, employees, and the general public is never compromised. 

Our client: Overbury was also massively content with the denim Horsham scaffolding project, which makes us even more proud of what we can achieve. 

Hoists: 1000kg Goods Only Hoists Installed.

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