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Portsoken St Project

Project: Portsoken St

Description:  – Our client Oktra contacted the team here at MR Scaffolding to provide scaffolding solutions to enable them to complete one of the biggest design and build projects in the UK. After being given a solid overview of the tasks at hand and carrying out a site survey, we were able to deliver high-quality results.

The aim of this project was to carry out an internal fit-out for their office space, involving external window replacement, as well as decoration to the building’s exterior. The atrium space within the building required floors to be adjoined, creating additional floor space across 8 floors. The client also required the lift shafts to be fully replaced.

Why was Scaffolding Needed on the Project?

Our scaffolding services were necessary for a number of reasons throughout this project:

  • We provided access to the full perimeter of the building to enable decoration and for the windows to be replaced along with full weather protection. 
  • Full access within the atrium was ensured. 
  • Lift shaft scaffolds were implemented to allow for full replacement. 
  • Full external heavy-duty gantries allowed for the loading of new glass and other materials required for the project. 
  • External beam hoists allowed for safe lifting of materials from the road to the gantries and internal beam hoists enabled lifting of steelworks.
  • Internal cantilever truss out scaffolds allowed for small demolition works which couldn’t be carried out from floor level.

Challenges Faced

The sheer scale of this project meant that we were bound to face challenges while providing access solutions. These challenges included COVID-19, extreme-scale complexity and labour demands, tying the scaffolding to the main building and logistic locations for lorries. 

Due to our wealth of experience in the scaffolding industry and our desire to obtain high-quality results each and every time, we were able to tackle all of the challenges we faced and provide our client with faultless solutions. Not only did our workforce work night shifts to ensure work could be completed, but we also liaised thoroughly with our client, and always carefully planned in advance so that health and safety remained at the forefront of what we did and efficiency was maximised. 

If you would like to find out more about our Portsoken St project, or our scaffolding services in general, get in touch here.