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North End Footbridge Project

Project: North End Footbridge Scaffolding Project

Description: Our client Walkers Construction, were in need of high-quality scaffolding for bridge construction to enable them to replace the footbridge over the rail section by providing them with access to both sides. They were also tasked with stripping back old paintwork and renewing the bridge. This work was not possible without safe and reliable access solutions.

What Services Did We Provide For This Project?

For this project we were required to provide workers with safe and secure access solutions as well as encapsulation through shrink wrapping, to ensure that the surrounding areas were not contaminated. Working around railways comes with a number of significant risks, which is why we required weekend rail possessions in order to deliver the scaffolding safely. We are also Personal Track Safety trained operatives which meant that we were fully aware of the risks and were able to manage them accordingly.

Challenges Faced

We were faced with a number of challenges throughout the duration of the North End Footbridge scaffolding project. One of these challenges was a result of the time constraints put in place due to the rail possession times. However, we managed this by ensuring that we planned well in advance, and were, therefore, able to meet the deadlines in place and limit the disruption caused to the railways.  

It was also extremely difficult to work in extreme weather conditions at the time of this project. It was incredibly hot which was further amplified by the encapsulation. We tackled this challenge by regularly monitoring the temperature and making sure that workers remained comfortable and safe. 

We were extremely proud of the outcome of this project as all scaffolds met and exceeded the clients’ demands within the specified possession times. 

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