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Metro Building Project

Metro Building Scaffolding Project

Description: Our client Thirdway Contractors required our commercial scaffolding services to enable full decoration and renovation work to take place on the Metro Building.  The work that took place included full decoration to the exterior of the building, the mastic renewed with the building needing to be painted. An extension needed to be built to create a new reception area for the building.

Why Were Our Scaffolding Services Needed On This Project?

In order to facilitate the work needed on this scaffolding project, our high-quality services were necessary. The tradesmen needed to gain access to all areas of the exterior of the building to allow them to repaint and redo the mastic. Our expert services were also required to safely install a temporary roof and shrink wrap.

Challenges We Faced

As with most of our scaffolding projects, we overcame a number of challenges. We successfully met the client’s deadlines to ensure that the structures were delivered on time. This meant that decorators were able to access the areas of the building façade. Due to the height of the scaffolding, various concrete bases were installed to manage the load. The final challenge we faced was the difficulties posed due to the building’s close proximity to live roads and busy public areas.

How We Overcame Them

To overcome the challenges we faced we made sure that we engaged with the client early on. This ensured that the plan for the project was completely clear and that our temporary roof scaffolding reached optimum safety. We set delivery times and ensured that safe methods of work were always maintained due to the close proximity to the general public. Catch fans were installed as well as protection gantry and site segregation to guarantee optimum safety at all times.

The End Result

Despite the height, scale and challenges faced on this project, we were extremely delighted to have been able to meet our client’s deadlines and expectations. Our scaffolding services enabled the project to be carried out safely and efficiently. 

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