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Mayfair Library 

Mayfair Library Independent Access Scaffolding Project

Our client Heeran Construction enlisted us to provide our expert scaffolding services for the hidden treasure that is Mayfair Library. Anyone who has explored or lives in Mayfair will be aware of the sophistication and elegance that radiates from the building. The traditional red bricks are completely contrasted by the stylish cream trim. Maintaining the classic look and not damaging the renowned building in any way was a huge priority throughout the duration of the Mayfair Library exterior scaffolding project.

The Aim Of The Project

The independent scaffolding project was necessary as the building was in need of repairs to both the brickwork and the roof.

Why Scaffolding Was Necessary For This Project?

In order for builders to gain safe access, we erected an independent access scaffold with a Ubix temporary roof. As well as providing safe access solutions, we were also required to maintain some level of aesthetics. To somewhat maintain the aesthetic appeal of this iconic building even while the library scaffolding was erected we wrapped the front elevation with a montage of the library printed on it. This was supplied and installed perfectly in-house by MR Scaffolding Services operatives.

Our main priority when carrying out the tailored Mayfair Library scaffolding project was to ensure optimum levels of safety at all times, for both workers and the general public. In order to maintain safety, we created a detailed plan of potential risks and how to manage them, as we do with all of our exterior scaffolding projects. We were also conscious of maintaining the building and not damaging it in any way whilst implementing our scaffolds to ensure that the history surrounding it and the aesthetic appeal was not tarnished in any way.

The End Result

Our forward-thinking and tailored approach to this scaffolding project enabled us to deliver high-quality results that both ourselves and the client were extremely happy with.

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