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Lyric Square Project

Project: Lyric Sq

Description:  – Our client Overbury enlisted in our services as they were required to carry out a range of different tasks for a refurbishment that required access solutions. These tasks included replacing all of the glazing on the exterior of the building, while demolition works were required internally to facilitate an office fit-out, the top floor building surround needed to be removed to allow for glass installation and new staircases were to be installed.

Why our Services were Necessary

Our scaffolding services were vital in ensuring the completion of this project as we enabled access to all external facade works, created a solid platform for glass installations to be carried out, installed suitable weather protection, provided hoists to allow access to all floors and ensured the safe lifting of materials. 

Our services provided increased levels of efficiency whilst making sure that maximum safety was maintained at all times.

Challenges to Overcome

Within the scaffolding industry, there are often a number of challenges to overcome to ensure that work is carried out to a high quality. Our expert team knows this all too well and are therefore always able to tackle whatever comes their way. This project presented the following challenges: Shared access meant that the entrance to the shopping mall was the only way to bring materials in, the need for bespoke designs meant that the project was extremely complex and due to the scale of the project fluidity between all operatives was required. 

We were delighted to be able to carry out extremely high-quality results despite the number of challenges present. This was mainly possible through regular liaison with all other parties involved in the project, this ensured that all problems were tackled in advance and we were able to create a clear plan. 

Ourselves and our client were incredibly pleased with the outcome of our work. If you have any questions regarding this project or any of our services, call us on 020 7252 8080.