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HMS Belfast – Boat Scaffolding Project

Project: HMS Belfast 

Description: MR Scaffolding Services first proudly completed this project in 1991. We then revisited this boat scaffolding project in 2018, where we again took part in the restoration of this iconic London landmark and national treasure. Each time that MR Scaffolding was hired as scaffolding contractors, our role was to supply access to the ship’s funnels, allowing for painting and repair work to be carried out. The HMS project required extra care to be taken so that no damage was caused to the renowned historic landmark. MR Scaffolding has a wealth of experience of dealing with heritage projects and was therefore fully equipped to tackle this boat scaffolding project professionally and effectively, whilst administering extra care.

What makes us different from other scaffolding contractors is our ability to completely tailor our services to each and every project we undertake. We will never compromise on health or safety or adopt the one-fits-all approach to scaffolding. By doing this, we ensure that no damage is caused to anyone in the surrounding areas, or the building itself. We will always put together a structured plan that considers each and every element that makes the project individual, like with this boat scaffolding project.

Caption: ‘Michael Trayfoot in front of HMS Belfast in 1991’

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