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Grosvenor Street Project

Our Grosvenor Street Scaffolding Project

Description: For this project, our client Collins Construction had plans to completely transform the 73-35 Grosvenor St building and add an extension to create more office space. This required demolition, strip out and new build work.

Our Expert Interior & Exterior Scaffolding Services

Throughout the course of this project, expert scaffolding solutions were needed to provide full access to each area of the building. Temporary roofs and public protection gantries were also provided by our professional team. We successfully installed acoustic sound barriers to neighbouring properties, limiting disruption. We also installed visual banners featuring site-specific branding to the front and rear elevation. As well as this our team provided retractable curtain frames for waste removal.

The Challenges

There were a number of challenges to overcome throughout this project including COVID-19, which was managed by planning ahead and ensuring adherence to social distancing advice and legal guidelines. There were logistical challenges throughout this project due to limited access to the working areas, so to successfully tackle this we utilised cranes to transport materials into various locations. Weather disruptions made the project difficult too. The partial removal of the roof meant we had to start working earlier so that the roof could be reinstalled as quickly as possible to the Grosvenor Building.

The Outcome

The early engagement and various adaptations we provided throughout the course of the Grosvenor Building scaffolding project meant that we were able to successfully meet the needs of our clients. We could ensure that our expert interior scaffolding solutions contributed to the safe and efficient completion of work.

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