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Our Independent Scaffolding Services and Projects

What was the purpose of our Dreadnaught Building project?

For this independent scaffolding project, we needed full independent access to the perimeter for External Decorations and repair works. We also needed to replace chimney stacks and complete an internal fitout; lift shafts, mezzanine floor, and the roof over the atrium. Scaffolding was needed on this project to provide full access and support to all working areas, both internally and externally. Externally, a full independent access scaffold was installed, fully enclosed in scaffold sheeting, and various system access staircases were installed for site personnel. Internally, an impressive birdcage scaffolding using Bridged ‘X’ beams was installed over existing entrances, forming safe access for site vehicles and personnel. This was due to an additional floor and roof being installed at a higher level. Scaffolding was needed to clear access within the atrium to allow works to proceed as normal inside.

How did we deliver the scaffolding package?

There were regular site meetings to focus on progress and schedules and an appointed on-site supervisor at all times. Various system staircases and bridged birdcage scaffolds were installed, along with cashdeck scaffolds and lift shaft scaffolds.

What challenges did we face during the independent scaffolding project?

Our materials had to be transported by hand due to no vehicle access in close proximity, which made things tricky. Extra caution had to be taken too, due to the age and nature of the building. Chimney stacks were deteriorating, so extra measures were implemented prior to installation. We soon overcame these challenges, with daily planning and coordination meetings, along with extra labour.

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