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Claridges Hotel Project

Project: Claridges Hotel

Description: For this project, our clients Drive Edgeware and Maybourne required our services to aid them in the completion of work on this prestigious hotel.

The aim of this project was to refurbish the hotel both internally and externally, as well as adding 3 floor levels to the existing roof and within the basement. The showpiece penthouse suite also required work.

The Scaffolding Services we Provided

For this project, we were tasked with providing full perimeter scaffolding to the roof extension, low level scaffolds to enable exterior decorations to take place, access solutions to allow lift shafts to be installed as well as a low level banner too. 

In order to deliver these results we made sure that we always had our workforce on site so that they were able to adapt to new requests and demands that were outside of the program. The use of a crane and hoists was also necessary due to the nature and awkward location of the works. Throughout the duration of the project our team ensured constant communication with the hotel, tradesmen and general public so that the project could run smoothly and all requirements were met.

Challenges of the Project

We faced a number of challenges throughout the course of this project. These included the hotel remaining open, logistics on site and bad weather conditions. In order to overcome these challenges we made sure that we adhered to specific work times, so that high-profile guests were not disrupted. To deal with the logistical issues, we made sure that we adhered to the plan and utilised a crane in order to access awkward areas.

The Result

We were extremely proud to be able to provide our client with high-quality results while working at this prestigious hotel. During the project we crossed paths with famous faces and A list celebrities, which added to the excitement of working on such a stunning building. 

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