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City of London Club Project

Project: City of London Club

Description: Our client Sharkey required our expert scaffolding services to assist with the City of London Club project. The renowned gentleman’s club required renovation to add 17 new bedrooms to the upper floors,  a new roof to the existing building and the building needed to be stripped out and reconfigured.

How Our Services Helped

Our team installed a pavement gantry during the night to restrict the public interface, we also installed front elevation hoists and staircases, followed by the UBIX roof. As always, we ensured that our work was carried out extremely flexibly and with health and safety at the forefront.

Obstacles to Overcome

Due to the age of the building, we were faced with challenges when trying to tie the scaffolding to the building facade. It was vitally important to take care to ensure that the building and the history surrounding it was not tarnished in any way. To do this, we installed the scaffold ties using chemical fixings. We also had to utilise buttress scaffolds to support the spine beams and take the loadings of roof scaffolds. At MR Scaffolding, nothing is left to chance, as we always tackle the challenges we are faced with logically and methodically to ensure the best outcome.

The Result

As a result of our work on this project and our proactive approach to the challenges we were faced with, we are delighted to have won a City of London Gold Award for this project in 2020.

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