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Bloomsbury Theatre

Bloomsbury Theatre Scaffolding Project

Project: Bloomsbury Theatre

Client: Overbury

We are truly astounded by the extensive array of projects that we have been able to carry out, one of which is the theatre scaffolding project for the iconic Bloomsbury Theatre situated in the heart of London and home to some examples of the finest entertainment.

Description: Our client Overbury enlisted our reliable commercial scaffolding services to aid them with their project of carrying out renovation work on the renowned Bloomsbury Theatre.

The Aim Of This Project

The aim of this project was to renew all internal areas of the theatre, to give it a new lease of life. This included the stage, seats, and waiting areas.

Why Was The Theatre Scaffolding Required?

This project consisted of installing bridge beams that were positioned at a lower level in order to maintain clear public access whilst forming a heavy-duty loading platform above. Hoarding and lighting were also installed by M R hoarding services. We had to put in place a cantilevered heavy-duty gantry that formed twin stacked cabin support, followed by a hoist run off to full height which lifted the frame servicing gantry level.

When undertaking theatre scaffolding projects of this size, each and every element needs to be considered to ensure that safety is maximised and structures are supported as much as possible. The Cantilevered gantry to the front elevation was a supporting fixture, designed to support the following: 200kg passengers and goods, 2000kg power traverse beam and hoist, as well as 6 welfare cabins.

For the scaffolding in the building, we assembled a fully boarded access birdcage to the whole theatre auditorium which seats 547 people, this consisted of various lifting beams being installed as well as system staircases. This made access to the whole auditorium seamless.

Challenges Faced

We had to overcome a number of challenges throughout the course of the Bloomsbury Theatre scaffolding project including tying the hoist structure to the building and erecting the rear elevation scaffolds. In order to overcome these challenges, we had to go through to the building via the brickwork and install a beam configuration as a tying method to existing steelwork. We also used the passenger and goods hoist on the gantry to build walkways along the roof and down to the rear elevation.

The Result

At M R Scaffolding we are proud to have been able to contribute to this project, we showcased just some of our skills and expertise throughout the course of the Bloomsbury Theatre scaffolding project and were able to contribute to the renovations of the year-round home to innovative music, drama, comedy, and dance.

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