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Berkeley Hotel

Project: Berkeley Hotel

Description: Our client Reiney Best enlisted us to aid them with their project at Berkeley Hotel so that they are able to gain fire exit and staircase access.

Why Were Our Services Required On This Project?

Our commercial scaffolding services were needed to provide access to all of the fire exit doors. We were able to deliver this service by erecting Layher staircases beside the existing staircases. Our team installed beamed walkways to each level of the Layher staircases. We were also required to dismantle existing staircases in sequence.

Challenges Faced

We faced a number of challenges throughout the duration of this project. These challenges included maintaining all of the fire escapes at all times, making sure all deliveries were able to be received via the same location to the site. As well as this, there were multiple contractors on-site working within close proximity. 

In order to solve the challenges we faced, we ensured that we engaged early with the client and other contractors to allow safe sequences of works. Working hours were changed to provide clear access and priority over vehicle and pedestrian traffic. We also hand to implement exclusion zones to protect fans and remove a level at a time and install beamed access within the same day to allow all exits to be fully functional at all times.

The Outcomes Of The Project

The outcome of this project was that the Layher staircase system was installed by 

Andy Kubacki and the team, their knowledge of the system assisted greatly within this project. 

If you would like to find out more information on this project, do not hesitate to get in touch with the expert team here at MR Scaffolding Services.