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Asticus House Project

Project: Asticus House

Description: Our client Iconic Build enlisted in our scaffolding services to facilitate their large scale project at Asticus House. The purpose of this project was to provide this architecturally notable building with additional floor space for offices. In order to carry out this work, the use of commercial scaffolding services was necessary.

Why were our Services Necessary?

For this project, our team was required for a number of different reasons. We provided the client with complete access to the full perimeter of the building to allow demolition works and rebuilding to take place. We also supplied the client with pavement gantries which were designed to hold the offices and welfare facilities. In order to allow goods and workers to access floors 8, 9 and 10, we provided high-quality hoists. Lastly, we provided the client with splay scaffolding, which was necessary due to the curved shape of Asticus House, this meant that the scaffolds followed the curves of the building.

Challenges we Overcame

As with most of the projects we carry out, there were challenges to overcome in order to ensure optimum safety and adherence to the high standards we place on our work. The challenges included:

  • Grounding of scaffolds due to unforeseen soft ground below foot level.
  • Gantry self-weight above the underground station.
  • Challenging programme to meet with strict deadlines.
  • Neighbouring properties in proximity provided logistical challenges. 
  • Delay to crane installation at the initial start of the project. 

In order to overcome each of the challenges we faced, it required in-depth planning and organisation. We made completely bespoke steels to spread the weight of the 42-ton gantry across the footprint, we ensured that we had sufficient labour resources and reviewed our progression in regular meetings and, due to delays with the crane installation we had to manually transport materials at the beginning of the project. 

The Result

We were extremely proud to provide the client with a high-quality completely circular splay scaffold which clearly demonstrates our high standards and the tailored approach we adopt for each project. This project also included the first attempt at floor jacking in the UK. Our experienced and reliable commercial scaffolders are truly passionate about delivering excellent results and ensuring optimum safety. 

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