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25 Churchill Place

Project: 25 Churchill Place Scaffolding Project

Description: Our client BW enlisted our services to provide them with access solutions enabling them to change the pipework in the ceiling voids.

Why Was Scaffolding Needed On This Project?

Scaffolding was needed on this project to provide access to working areas and shrink wrapping was also installed to encapsulate the scaffolding for protection to the live office building and also to cover the structure, leaving a near mirror of the existing areas.

We delivered this scaffolding project by working out of hours at night and during the weekend to erect and dismantle the scaffolding. We also provided access via the main entrance to the office building and the reception.

The Challenges We Faced

The main challenges we faced throughout the course of the Churchill scaffolding project was meeting the tight deadlines that were put in place by the client and managing the parking and permit restrictions.

However, due to our professionalism and experience, we were effectively able to overcome these challenges through ensuring advanced booking with building security and constant communication with all parties involved. Our logistics manager informed local authorities of our work in the area and we arranged pre-start meetings to formulate safe procedures for work.

Interesting Facts About This Project

All shrink-wrap and scaffolding were undertaken in-house and installed to an incredibly high standard, meaning that the scaffolding was not recognisable due to the encapsulation.

The customer for this scaffolding project was so satisfied with the work that we produced, that it led to further work and building a solid relationship with the client.

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