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16 Old Bailey

Project: 16 Old Bailey

Description: For this project, our client Deconstruct required our scaffolding expertise to aid them with their work on their 16 Old Bailey project. 

The aim of this project was to carry out demolition works and strip out the existing building. The purpose of this was to provide the building with much more office space, by removing the atrium and infilling the floor levels. Our client was also tasked with removing old lift shafts and installing them in new locations.

Why Were Our Services Required On This Project?

Our expert scaffolding services were required to provide safe access to the atrium and all of the floors of the building. We were also required to install various handrails and protection scaffolds due to the demolition works that were to take place. In order to remove and install the lift shafts, our specialist commercial scaffolding was utilised. 

To deliver this scaffolding package effectively we installed an atrium scaffold to assist with the removal of glass to all of the floors and openings. Our team installed perimeter handrails to levels 5, 6 and 7 as well as HAKI staircases were installed to full height to allow personnel access to all levels. As well as this, to ensure that demolition demands were dealt with, we provided fixed on-site operatives too.

Challenges Faced Throughout This Project

As with most of our projects, due to the sheer scale of them, we faced a number of challenges throughout. These included the intensive labour that was required in order to get all of the materials to their set locations on the project. There were also unforeseen changes to the programme and scope of the works due to the nature of the demolition works. 

Luckily, as always our experienced and reliable team were able to overcome these challenges by always having teams on-site readily available to assist with site demands and changes. We also ensured additional labour at the early stages of the project to load out the floors with materials ready for the work to commence.

The Result

We were extremely delighted to have been able to deliver a scaffolding package that met the needs of our clients and enabled works to be carried out extremely safely and efficiently. 

If you would like to find out more about this project, or about utilising our commercial scaffolding services for your project, please get in touch!