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Founder Patrons for Legacy Youth

We are proud to announce that, here at MR Scaffolding, we are now Founder Patrons for Legacy Youth, a charity close to our home and hearts. Legacy Youth (, based in Croydon, offers young people an opportunity to grow and…

How Best To Use Scaffolding On Heritage Projects.

As you might expect, scaffolding for historic buildings needs to be specifically constructed and designed. If permission has been granted for maintenance or conservation work, the scaffolding should be custom made specifically for the type of work required. At M…

Why shrink wrap for scaffolding structures is a good idea

In the past, scaffolding was often exposed and unsightly, with monarflex or netting, maybe even perhaps some tarpaulin sheets used to offer a rudimentary form of protection. Thankfully, the world has moved on and the technology is now available to…

Louie ‘Loco’ Lynn

MRSS are proud to sponsor Louie ‘Loco’ Lynn on his amazing boxing journey.