At MR Scaffolding we have always been proud to sponsor Louie ‘Loco’ Lynn on his incredible boxing journey.

As you may already know, Louie joined our friendly team in June 2017 and from then onwards we have always supported his passion for boxing and had nothing but faith in his ability to fulfil his dreams. In 2018, Louie’s sporting career really took off when he decided to become a full-time boxer. At MR Scaffolding we saw his talent and supported his decision, our encouragement behind him every step of the way.

He has come a long way since then and is only getting greater. We are incredibly proud to say that Louie won his first professional belt back in March and currently holds the WBC International Silver title.

This Friday, 10th September, Louie will be competing against Amin Jahanzeb at Copper Box Arena. Although we expect Louie to rain champion, both he and his opponent remain undefeated so expect the fight to be tense and full of surprises.

To find out more about what Louie is up to, he can be followed on Instagram (@louielynn1) and Twitter (@1Louielynn). Or, just keep an eye on our website, as we’ll be posting updates about our champion. We’re with you, Louie.