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Charity & Sponsors


Here at MR Scaffolding, we are passionate about giving back to our local community, businesses, charities, and sponsors. We pride ourselves on having a responsibility to offer support and contribute towards the success of others, which is why we are a company always looking to sponsor. This is why we place great importance on donating to a number of different worthy causes year on year. So, whether you are looking for individual sponsorship or company sponsorship, we can help!

As well as donating as much as we can to our chosen charities, we also aim to raise awareness for each of the amazing causes, so the charities can reach their goals and a real difference can be made. We are a scaffolding company always looking to sponsor, we truly care about doing our bit for the community.

Legacy Youth

In 2020 we became proud founder patrons for Legacy Youth, a charity local to us and close to our hearts. Legacy Youth specialises in providing young people living in Croydon with opportunities that they might not otherwise have. Too many of London’s younger generation will experience worse outcomes than their wealthier peers, due to a lack of opportunities. Charities such as Legacy are absolutely essential, to provide youngsters with a safe place to go to. They provide them with endless opportunities to grow and develop their skills across a variety of areas while having fun and becoming part of a caring community. Legacy Youth offers the perfect support system to young people, helping them to achieve more than they could have imagined.

At MR Scaffolding, we have pledged to donate a minimum of £75,000 to Legacy Youth across the next three years. This is without participating in any additional fundraising activities, which we hope to be able to do, so we anticipate that this company sponsorship figure may rise.

Poppy Appeal

Every year we support the poppy appeal in remembering them, we put up banners across our sites to show our support, solidarity and to raise more awareness.

We also raise funds with employees contributing out of their wages. All of our staff are driven by making a difference by donating to those who need it. This is a cause that we are extremely passionate about, our aim is to ensure that the contribution of the armed forces throughout the war is never forgotten. We believe that the perfect way to show appreciation is through providing support to serving and ex-serving personnel and their families.

Movember 2020

Firstly, Movember is to raise awareness of three key topics; Mental Health and Suicide Prevention, Prostate Cancer and Testicular Cancer.

There is often a stigma surrounding opening up about mental health, especially as a male, however, Movember aims to highlight a sense of unity and demonstrate that no one is alone, and help is at hand. Similarly, many may experience worry when it comes to booking medical appointments for checks, or leave medical concerns until they are experiencing extreme discomfort. Through partaking in this event, we aim to break down these stigmas and worries, urging men to seek help much sooner. For these reasons, this cause is particularly close to our hearts.

There are two main challenges that are carried out in order to raise awareness and sponsorships for this extremely worthy cause, they include:

1. Movember Moustache Challenge – Who can grow the best moustache throughout the whole of November. Each participant will receive sponsorships for partaking in this challenge, all of which will be donated to charity.

2. Make a Move Challenge – Run, walk, cycle, skip or jump, whatever you fancy, the goal is to reach a total of 60km over the month of November. All employees can take part and collectively help raise funds towards our company objective of £1500 pounds.

Helping Our Local Community

Croydon Council

Croydon council, we have built a relationship with Croydon council in assisting young individuals seeking work opportunities. We know that starting a career can be extremely daunting, and in many cases, for young people who have never worked before, it may be difficult to know where to start. This is why we chose to work with Croydon Council, providing young people with opportunities that they may not have had otherwise. You can receive some further information from them on the opportunities available. The department is called Croydon Works.


Louie Lynn

Alongside our charity work, we also strive to support other locals in our community. Another way in which we achieve this is by sponsoring local talent, such as the wonderful Louie ‘Loco’ Lynn. Louie is a boxer who worked with us for some time here at MR Scaffolding. He has worked tirelessly to reach a point where he can box professionally and we continue to sponsor him and support his endeavours, we are extremely proud to be able to assist him in achieving his goals through providing individual sponsorship.

Cheam Athletic Football Club

We sponsor a local football team who started up this season and have been doing very well. The importance of sport for both physical and mental health can not be understated, which is why we deemed sponsoring a local football team an extremely worthwhile and rewarding endeavour. You can find out more information about this sponsorship from Cheam Athletic Football Club.

We are a company that is looking to sponsor more worthy causes if you think we can help you do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our expert team here.